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    Pest Detection and Removal

    Cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, fleas, ants, carpet beetles and clothes moths – the mention of any of these pests is enough to cause concern to the homeowner. No-one likes to think that their home is providing a safe harbourage to insect pests. Fortunately, there are several things the homeowner can do to prevent this sometimes unpleasant situation.

    The best defence against a wide variety of household pests is probably to the simplest to achieve. It can be summed up in one word – HYGIENE. An above average level of domestic hygiene will ensure that any insect pests that enter your home will be immediately at a disadvantage. Good hygiene means that there will be little or no food for the insects and that potential harbourages are minimised. A Harbourage is any places that insects can hide. These may include cracks in walls, behind sink taps and behind kitchen tiles. Having these areas adequately sealed will greatly reduce the possibility of insect infestation.

    Almost all domestic treatments carried out by Petersons’s Pest Control use environmentally friendly, synthetic pyrethroids chemicals. These new generation chemicals have virtually no odour and are free from harmful solvents and emulsifiers. Synthetic pyrethroids have been certified safe by the Asthma Foundation and are highly effective on a multitude of general household pests.
    Some preparation of your home prior to treatment will greatly assist the technician and ensure you receive the best possible treatment. For tips on how to prepare or any other information contact us at general@petersonspestcontrol.com.au or by phone on 3855 2688 or fax on 3855 2825.