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    Termite Control in Brisbane

    The dreaded termite – Brisbane’s Destructive Little Pests

    Of all insect pests, termites hold the number one ranking as the most potentially destructive. Queensland wide, the annual cost of termite attacks runs into the tens of millions. One in ten homes in Queensland will have one form of termite attack this year.

    Regardless of your home’s construction, all houses are vulnerable to termite infestation. Even brick and concrete homes are not immune. Termites can be found in fences, retaining walls, outbuildings, even compost bins. If you think you have termites on the grounds of your home, do NOT disturb them. If termites are disturbed, they will cease activity at that site and disappear underground to re-emerge somewhere else – perhaps inside the house…

    If the termites are already uninvited guests in your home, or you even SUSPECT that termites are in your Brisbane residence, call us immediately! DO NOT attempt to expose the termites workings or carry out any treatment yourself. There are a variety of non-invasive control methods available to the general public. To ensure a good result from treatment it is essential that the active termites are not disturbed. Let us take care of your termite control today.